Scheduling made easy!

A friendly interface to manage resource and appoinment scheduling.

Key Features

Easy to Use

Use different types of views, such as day view, week view, resource view. One click booking, advanced booking and recurring booking.

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Always available and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.                                                                    

No Software to Install

ezbook is hosted on the internet, accessible through internet browsers and users dont need to install any software.

Manage Availibility

Set the hours and blocks of time when the resource is available to be booked.


Locate existing bookings, find available times for high-demand resources and find available times common to a group.

Highly Configurable

Flexible and configurable and can be used for any type of resource. Capture additional custom data fields as-needed.

Maintain control over your users and data

Three levels of user roles and acces controls helps maintain privacy and avoids mishaps due to user error or change.

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Become more productive by getting rid of pen & paper for resource and appointment scheduling

Deploying ezbook to manage resource and appointment booking enables staff to focus on things that are really important to business. This further drives productivity and better outcmes for businesses and employees.