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Ezbook has been providing schools, colleges and universities the ability to manage shared resources across their staff as well as students. Ezbook has helped streamline the booking and scheduling process as well as provided reports to manage utilization and justify need and cost.

Some of the assets & resources being scheduled/booked via ezbook include;

  • Facilities/Rooms: Office, meeting rooms, Lecture hall, Conference hall, dining room, Kitchen, Auditorium, Parking lot, Library room, etc.
  • Sports Facilities: Baseball field, Softball Field, Soccer Field, Swimming Pool, Gym, Squash Courts, Tennis courts, Track, etc.
  • Audio/Video (A/V) equipment’s: A/V hookups, phone system, projector, TV/DVD, camera, ipad, Laptop, etc
  • School Bus/Van
  • Others…

School & University

Some of the Schools, Colleges & Universities that have found ezbook valuable.