Solution for Labs, Workshops & Fabrication Shops

Share and manage resource usage across the various members of the lab or workshop

Ezbook has been providing Labs and Workshops the ability to manage shared resources across their staff and members. Ezbook has helped streamline the booking and scheduling process so that users can plan ahead of time their usage of the lab and research time and at the same time, minimize idle time of the resource.

Some of the assets & resources being scheduled/booked via ezbook include;

  • Facilities and Room booking: Lab, Testing Room, Waiting Room, Meeting Rooms, Dining room, Kitchen, etc.
  • Specialized equipment and kit booking: Satellite Phones, Oxygen Kit, First Aid Kit, Snakebite Kit, SPOT GPS messenger, Lazer Machine, Molding Equipment, etc.
  • Vehicle booking: Cars/SUV and Boats
  • Research Timeslot booking
  • Others…


Some of our clients that use ezbook to manage the scheduling nd utilization of resources within their labs, workshops and fabrication shops.