Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can be very helpful to organize, track and diagnose assets of any organization. In this article, we write about the numerous benefits CMMS can provide to facility managers. If your organization is already using CMMS, these benefits can help facility managers effectively execute their asset management strategy. If not, these points will give facility managers important insights into how CMMS software can empower their organization.

Systematizes Maintenance Scheduling

CMMS aids facility managers with convenient maintenance scheduling. Some advanced enables a fine-line schedule for various maintenance that goes through the organization to support bulky and diverse schedules.

CMMS is targeted to facility or building managers working for organizations with diverse maintenance strategies because they can analyze the outline of overall maintenance strategies. 

Simplifies Workflow Scheduling

One of the most important features of the CMMS system is the work request portal. This functionality allows users to log in to the system and put in work requests if they notice any issue with the facility, assets, or work environment.

The Facility manager can then view the request and schedule, assign and track the work orders quickly and easily. The system also notifies the user who created the work order and can follow the workflow in real-time. These work orders can also be generated on multiple devices such as laptop/desktop, smartphones, tablets, etc.

Provides Real-time Asset Information

CMMS generates real-time data on the health status of your assets. This allows facility managers to make the best decisions whether to replace or repair an asset from the system.

CMMS systems can even generate historical data so that organizations can gain insights into how well their facilities are functioning over time. Other real-time reports CMMS can provide include tech-onsite validation, budgeting, and work order statuses

Streamlines Purchasing Procedures

Advanced CMMS solutions come with functionality that tracks all the information related to purchases and stock of supplies in one place. With functionality like store and purchase management, you can analyze all the past purchases and streamline your purchasing procedures.

By doing so, your assets are well maintained and their longevity also increases. This will help you in spending less on the purchase of renewals or replacements.

Enhances Transparency

CMMS provides a greater understanding of assets and organization with its dashboard that tracks all the key performance indicators (KPIs). Facility managers can get a big picture and analyze the historical data and trends to identify problem areas, like rising costs, low productivity, or constant repairs.

The dashboard can also help facility managers oversee and maintain maintenance activities. They can identify every user’s tasks, assignment dates, work schedules, every maintenance schedule ensuring everything is under their supervision. This allows facility managers to track all the users, their jobs, and job output and ensures maximum transparency.

Space/Asset Booking

Some CMMS solutions provide space and asset booking functionality, as managing these assets fall with a facility manager’s responsibility. Good example of space and facility booking include room booking, space booking, workstation booking, hoteling, hot desk booking etc. Where a CMMS doesn’t already possess such a functionality, stand alone applications like our own ezbook.com can provide that functionality.

Empowers Reliable and Safer Facilities

Maintenance management system comes with safety enabling features such as work permits, risk management, safety instructions, etc., that helps in ensuring safety standards of the assets. The assets are regularly checked and maintained thus the risk of accidents is reduced.

Accidents are almost inevitable in the workplace but essential services including safety and compliance regulations, tracking and reporting, maintenance, and safety in CMMS software help in creating reliable and safer facilities.

For example, safety checks such as fire equipment inspection can be scheduled and tracked in the system that ensures the organization is compliant and ready for such audits.

There are many other benefits CMMS can provide to organizations. For example, CMMS tracks all the asset’s maintenance costs that can help facility managers in expenditure tracking, budget forecasting, and reducing costs. All in all, a CMMS system is a very useful tool that aids facility managers get more organized by automating mundane daily tasks, making them more efficient and effective in asset management, and streamlining their organization’s assets.

If you want to learn more about how CMMS and space and asset booking software can help your organization, contact us for a free consultation. Our experts can help you identify your needs and help you understand how CMMS can benefit your organization.

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