Almost all of our customers use ezbook for managing room booking and its utilization. Room booking is the most common use of ezbook.

Ezbook can be used to book various type of room such as meeting rooms, boardrooms and even special events and activities rooms. ezbook provides controls in terms of room booking and utilization management, a few examples are below;

  1. Control which rooms are visible to users for booking directly on the system
  2. Restrict how much in advance bookings can be made
  3. Control which rooms need to be pre-approved for use (moderated booking)
  4. Others

Moderated Booking

In moderated booking, a user has to request to use a room. The request is sent to one or more moderators who can approve, reject or recommend an alternative room for use. This allows an organization to control the use of rooms and ensure that not all rooms are used by everyone and some rooms are kept unbooked for emergency use

To learn more about how ezbook can facilitate room bookings and their utilization management, please contact us via email at info@ezbook.com.